Treeborn Wines combine the love of drinking wine with the desire to contribute to a better world. The idea behind Treeborn Wines is that whenever a bottle is opened, a new tree is born. Together with WeForest we will make sure these trees will be planted and taken care of. Buy one, get one tree!

Clouds for global cooling

Tropical forests produce clouds, reflecting the sun’s heat back into space.

Let us sum up a few of 

             the benefits to planting trees...


Local cooling

Excessive heat disrupts agriculture, reducing incomes. A single tree can cool the equivalent of two air conditioned houses.

Sequester carbon

50% of the biomass of a tree is carbon removed from the atmosphere.

Water cycle

Trees regulate flooding, promote rain, filter water and recharge ground-water

Treeborn has found a partner in WeForest to ensure all trees are planted and cared for. WeForest is an international non-profit association with a clear mission: to create and promote a pioneer movement in large scale sustainable reforestation. 

WeForest has already planted more the 22 million trees since 2008.

Naturally all wines selected by Treeborn will have to be organic wines. However these wines will be produced by various organically certified wineries. Treeborn Wines does a very strict selection and will only work with wines off the best quality.

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All the wineries that we approach to join us and make wines for Treeborn have to share our vision. These winemakers also care our planet and they also strive to leave our planet in a good condition for future generations. Our goal is to select the best wines from various winemakers in various countries to make wine for Treeborn. 

The first wine we have started with is an organic redwine from the Andres Sisters.

The second winery is a organic Pinot Grigio in the Veneto area.

We are currently working on distribution in various countries.

Treeborn is available at all locations of the traveling theater event De Parade in the Netherlands.

Treeborn will be available in all the stores of Grapedistrict in the Netherlands and online through

At Treeborn Wines, we have the ambition to have our wines available wherever people love wine and care for our planet. 

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